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Newest Children's Non-fiction Book:
Doll Crafts : A Kid's Guide to Making Simple Dolls, Clothing, Accessories, and Houses by Carlson, Laurie
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Dive into the wonderful and creative world of doll arts and crafts with this easy-to-follow activity book packed with over 50 projects and a dozen patterns.

Using inexpensive, everyday, even recycled materials, you'll make clever paper dolls, simple folk art dolls, soft cuddle pals, or 18-inch felt dolls, as well as cute and easy doll clothing, accessories, and basic houses. Clear instructions and illustrations guide you as you learn to make and paint a cloth doll; recycle and refresh an old doll; make simple, silly dolls from spoons, yarn, sticks, and more; make a dollhouse you can fold up and tuck under your bed; and much more.

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