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[carriage rides] [gingerbread]
Holiday Open House
Our open house on December 8th was a great success!
We had carriage rides, a gingerbread house contest, crafts and a special story time for the children.
[crafts] [refreshments]
Refreshments were served, of course, and music was performed both upstairs and down.
[performers] [performers]
The photos from the open house are up now and can be viewed in the photo gallery.
Anime Club Cosplay
The teen anime club met on October 29th for costume play. Check out the photos from this meeting in the gallery.
Teen End of Summer Reading Party
We wound up our teen summer reading program on August 14th with the End of Summer Reading Party. We got some great shots of this event, so you'll want to be sure to check out the photo gallery.
[magic show]
Rick Smythe Magic Show
On July 29th we had another here to perform for our Be Creative summer reading program for children. The program was very interactive. Check out the photo gallery for the snapshots.
[magic show]
Draw, Paint, Sing, Create: A Magical Library Show
Magician Matthew Bryan Taylor was here on July 8th to help with our Summer Reading program's Be Creative theme by performing his interactive comedic magic. Be sure to catch the photographs of this event in the photo gallery.
Around the World from A to Z
Harpbeat was here on June 17th presenting Around the World from A to Z, to go with our Summer Reading theme, Be Creative. You'll be wanting to have a look at the photographs from this program, which are available in the photo gallery now.
Teen Improv Night
Hollywood actor Glen McDougal was here July 1st to demonstrate improv and lead us through fun and hilarious activites. The photographs from this event are in the gallery.
[political rally]
Mini Political Rally
State Representative Jeffrey McClain was here on June 25th, and library supporters gathered to express their opposition to the governor's proposed extreme budget cuts for Ohio libraries. The photos from this event are in the gallery.
[book signing]
Dandi Daley Mackall
Children's author Dandi Daley Mackall was here on June 24th to help children learn how to Tell Your Story, to read to us, and to sign books. Photographs from this event are in the gallery.
[spoon man] The Spoon Man was here on June 11th to help us celebrate our Be Creative theme for the children's Summer Reading program. The pictures from this program are in the photo gallery now.
[Artsy Smartsy Club]
Artsy-Smartsy Club
To go with the Be Creative theme for our 2009 Children's Summer Reading Program, the library is hosting an Artsy-Smartsy Club this summer, in the Community Room. Children are meeting to explore their creativity through visual art. The first installment of Artsy-Smartsy photographs is up now in the photo gallery.
[game night]
Teen Game Night
Photos from the teen game night are in the gallery now. Board games, video games, chess, ... Looks like they had a lot of fun.
[Andrew Carnegie]
Andrew Carnegie Program
Ken Hammontree of Living History Productions portrayed Andrew Carnegie for us on April 18th, in celebration of National Library Week. Photos by Dick Cope are in the photo gallery.
Desperaux Party
On March 28th, children in grades 3-6 gathered at the library to celebrate a mouse with a big heart... and ears! The photos are in the gallery. Check 'em out!
Anime Club Special Meeting
Our Teen Anime Club has been studying the Japanese martial art of 柔術 (じゅうじゅつ / jūjutsu). The incriminating evidence has been posted to the photo gallery.
[Teen Fall Events]
Fall Teen Events
We did take some pictures at some of the fall events, but I didn't get around to putting them up until the second quarter of 2009! So, here is the long-overdue gallery of teen events from the fall of 2008, on the theory that late photos is better than no photos. There are some really nice shots of a Halloween event here, and some other stuff.
[Holiday Open House
Holiday Open House
Finally, the photos from the holiday open house are in!
Older photo galleries: 2008, 2007, 2006.